Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You've no one but yourselves to blame: When asses grow fat, thought grows thin

Paris Hilton is not capable of world domination; well, not by herself she isn't. People love to jump up and down about how we shouldn't care about where she goes, who she goes with, and what she's wearing when she gets there. I agree. But there is one aspect to the train wreck that is Paris Hilton that most people overlook: themselves.
Paris was born rich. There's no denying that. As the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, one could hardly expect her to be poor. She modeled as a child and then "grew up" into a life of leisure and took her tiara as one of America's socialites. Then something awful happened...
Someone out there, you perhaps, decided what she did was newsworthy. Suddenly the cameras couldn't get enough of this young woman, and, like any other capitalist on the planet, she decided to use her new glory for her own ends. Can you blame her? No. I blame you.
Keep this in mind if you keep reading today's little diatribe...

This coming Friday (October 1, 2010), I'm going to a live music show at The Anza Club in Vancouver. You probably won't be there. If you go out that night maybe you'll be in a little cafe with a loved one; if so, you get a pass. If not, you might be in a club somewhere listening to garbage music made by someone's computer software. Then on the way home to catch Jersey Shore, you'll listen to your iPod and complain, complain about Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton...
You have no one but yourselves to blame.
If you don't like the state of popular music turn off MTV. Turn off your ultra-mainstream radios. Turn off.
Then turn ON.
If you don't like what is being delivered to you, stop delivery. Get off your ass and search out something better. It's out there. I promise.
The band I am going to see this Friday can be shamelessly classified as Country Music (among other genres). How often do I hear people say they "HATE" Country Music only to add, "but I like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson."? What you hate is bad Country Music. Find some good stuff. Right now you are sitting in the rain complaining about being wet. If you move, shelter can be found. I think some of you just like to complain.
Some people seek refuge in the old albums, Classic Rock, etc... I have no problem with these bands and their music has lasted because it was good. But how do you find new Pop Music that is good? Make Good Music popular.
We created Paris Hilton just as Frankenstein created his monster. Not everything we create has to be bad. Find good music. Buy the CD. Buy the shirt. Tell your friends. Give Good Music the ear it deserves.

First they came for the music lovers...

See you at the show... someday.


  1. Bravo, Baron. We do have ourselves to blame for allowing base and shallow stuff to take up too much time and space in our lives. I've switched off myself and ignore even the free papers lying all over the floors of the buses and skytrains.I very rarely watch TV, except for that rare special program like "Bloodied But Unbowed" on Knowledge. I even watch The Daily Show and Cobert Report online. It's even possible to hear shows that play some of this good music online at www.cooopradio.org, www.citr.ca, www.cjsf.ca and www.cbc.ca/radio3. The places that play this stuff in the first place. For less local stuff www.bbc.co.uk/6music and programs on NPR are a good start. There's a start.

  2. Baron, my dear, people only write about Paris so they can put her photo in the paper and it gives something for everyone to masturbate to. Sex or music? Hmmmmmm. Anyway, I love Minto and that to me is country and I hope that you play with them and please write songs about sex, it might make the headlines.